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Product Feature : SHANG HO provide highly cooperative business experience with product customization, impressively low defection rate, and tailor-made products satisfying customer's requirement in every detail.

Production Ability : Outside Diameter: 100-3000mm
Module: 2-44
Standard : JIS0,DIN4,AGMA12
Material: To maximize the performance with minimum cost for customers, SHANG HO provide a wide selection of steel and alloy for customers to choose, detail upon requests.
    • Double Helical Gear
    • Precision Gear Shaft
    • Internal Ring Gear
    • Spur & Helical Gears
    • Helical Gear
    • Gearbox Output Shaft
  • Double Helical Gear Shaft
  • Heavy-duty Gearbox Output Shaft
  • NHelical Ring Gear